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We traveled on tours to other countries, and we were disappointed.

These tours felt homogeneous, typical and sometimes manufactured.
We felt we were seeing rather than experiencing the pulse of a country.
And we didn’t get the quality service that we expected for the prices we were paying.

We get the challenges of traveling. Often, we are limited by language, constrained by limited vacation days and frustrated by the potential of missing out on the good stuff.

We knew there was a better way to enjoy the world as travelers. And we created it just for you in our capital that we love.


This website is belongs to Via Colombia Travel Services, a Destination Management Company and tour operator whose leading brand is IMPULSE Travel

We are a travel business accredited by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism as a Tourism Operating Agency and registered with the RNT (National Tourism Registry). We take responsible tourism and fair payment practices across our supply chain very seriously. We reject drug and sex tourism. We have in place our sustainability and prevention of child sexual exploitation policies.  You can find our policies here. 

In 2015, we were accredited by ProColombia (Colombia’s tourism board) as a leading national DMC, and that same year we joined  ACOTUR, a group of responsible Colombian travel companies,


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