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Authentic Lunch

If you want to live a very local experience and taste an authentic piece of our gastronomy, we have the right place for you.

Additional price per person: US$ 15

Street Art Tour

In this tour you will walk through a section, where the largest open air street art gallery is located while having an insight into important graffiti.    

No additional price

Handicrafts Shopping

This is perfect for travelers who want to purchase original presents but also for handicraft enthusiasts who want to see a variety of unique objects.

No additional price


Gold Museum

Bogota's Gold Museum displays a wide collection of gold, other metals and handicraft objects from the ancient population of Colombia. 

Additional price per person: US$ 5

La Candelaria

Experience the picturesque neighborhood La Candelaria and visit Bogotá's main square, La Plaza de Bolívar.

No additional price


Located at more than 10,000 ft above sea level, is a key sight in Bogota's landscape and an important pilgrimage site. 

Additional price per person: US$ 10

-counts for 2 experiences-

Emerald Shopping

Colombian Emeralds are said to be the purest ones in the world.  They are much sought after, because of their superb quality and color.

No additional price

Street Food Tour

If you are one of those who believes that "culture enters through the palate", this is the right experience for you. 


Additional price per person: US$ 10

Coffee Experience

Visit a roasting house and gain an insight into how fresh coffee beans are roasted. After this have a delicious cup of coffee.

Additional price per person: US$ 5

Botero Museum

 See the large collection of works of art by the most famous Colombian artist alive, Fernando Botero.

No additional price

Paloquemao Market

Paloquemao is one of the main local markets in Bogota, with traders selling a great variety of exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables and other goods.

Additional price per person: US$ 10

Breaking BORDERS

This is an initiative by former heads of a gang who decided to leave behind their criminal life and found in tourism an alternative for their personal and professional development.

Additional price per person: US$ 48

-counts for 3 experiences-


Wuasikamas Café

Meet the brave people of the indigenous Inga community from the South of Colombia and hear about their story while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Additional price per person: US$ 5

National Museum

Discover the hidden treasures that tell the fascinating history of Colombia with a tour through the National Museum.

Additional price per person: US$ 15

Distrito Chocolate.jpg

Distrito Chocolate

Spoil your taste buds with the delicious hot chocolate drinks at Distrito Chocolate while hearing about the bittersweet story behind the shop and its suppliers.

Additional price per person: US$ 5

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