In this tour, you will witness the resilience of a group of young people from Egipto neighborhood in Bogotá. You will hear about their fascinating life stories, especially about their radical transformation from being gang members to become tour guides. They are eager to show you how their personal development influenced their social environment in a very positive way. This tour is a great way to have an approach to the reality of many Colombian underprivileged neighborhoods.

Breaking Borders is an initiative proposed by former heads of a gang who decided to leave behind their criminal life and more than 27 years of violent conflicts between rival gangs of the vulnerable neighborhoods of Bogotá. They have found in tourism a real alternative for their personal and professional development. Now, they offer a guided tour around important areas of "The Guardian of History", how Egipto is called since it is the second neighborhood of Bogotá and it has undergone several transformations from the colonial period to the present.

Additional price per person: US$ 48

**Important note**: Breaking Borders counts for 3 experiences

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