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Distrito Chocolate


Spoil your taste buds with the delicious hot chocolate drinks at Distrito Chocolate while hearing about the bittersweet story behind the shop and its suppliers.

Distrito Chocolate is famous in Bogotá for its exceptional hot chocolate with taste notes that range from coco, cinnamon and vanilla to chilli and anise. But the real reason why you should visit this place is its captivating story. The cocoa for the chocolate is sourced from Puna a small village in the region north of Bogotá. The farmers there were cultivating coca during the peak of the armed conflict in Colombia. Due to the drug traffic in the area, violence and death was the people’s daily reality.

With tremendous willpower and initiative, the community made a change and started cultivating cacao instead of coca. Today they sell their product not only in the form of deliciously sweet drinks at their shop but also to national chocolate producers and international customers. Hear about a heartwarming success story that plays an essential part in bringing the country closer to peace - one hot chocolate at a time.

Additional price per person: US$ 5