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Gold museum


Bogota's Gold Museum displays a wide collection of gold, other metals and handicraft objects from the ancient population of Colombia. In fact, it keeps the largest collection of Pre-Columbian gold pieces in the world.

The museum is divided into three floors and each one has its own special flair. The first floor shows “The Working of Metals”, describing the mining and manufacturing techniques employed by the ancient metallurgists. On the second floor you can gain an insight into “Cosmology and Symbolism”, by exploring mythical subjects, shamanism, and the symbology of metals. The last floor shows “The Exploratorium”, which encourages interactivity and reflection on the diversity of the heritage that is preserved in the museum.

If you book the Gold Museum tour, our guide will guide you through the exhibition while telling you stories about ancestral tribes, about their rites, culture and strong influence on modern Colombian society. 

Additional price per person: US$ 5