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Handicrafts shopping


Being Bogota, an epicentre of Colombian cultural mix, it makes the perfect marketplace for a huge variety of crafts produced by artisans and indigenous tribes. In the Colombian Handicrafts Shopping experience our guide will take you to two shopping spots in the city center, where you will find numerous vendors selling all kinds of handicrafts.

One beautiful example of a national handicraft are the Wayuu bags which you can see in the photo above. They are made by the indigenous Wayuu people who are living in the La Guajira Peninsula that borders Colombia and Venezuela. Weaving the bags is an essential part of the Wayuu culture and also an important a source of income. The bags are not only popular with tourists in Colombia, but also increasingly in vogue among Colombians. 

This experience is perfect for travellers who want to purchase original presents for their loved ones at home but also for handicraft enthusiasts who want to see a variety of ancestral techniques turned into unique objects. 

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