National Museum

Discover the hidden treasures that tell the fascinating history of Colombia
with a tour through the National Museum. The exhibited artworks keep the memories and interesting facts about Colombia’s past alive and even the
museum itself has a captivating story to tell.

The museum building used to be the central prison for Bogotá and the
surrounding area. While the light-flooded hallways don’t remind of the
former purpose, the preservation of the original room structure allows for
some interesting twists. Explore fascinating thematic spaces around every

On the three different floors, you can learn about the different chapters of Colombian history from the indigenous past to modern times. Admire the
stories about the country’s heroes and villains, the great achievements and tragedies and sink into the numerous homages to the natural diversity of
the land. A guided tour will make it easier for you to understand the
background of the exhibited pieces and will provide you with a unique
look at the emotions and personal histories linked to the development of
the whole country.

Additional price per person: US$ 15