Street food tour


If you are one of those who believes that "culture enters through the palate", this is the right experience for you. On this Street Food Tour, we will walk along Carrera Séptima, one of the main streets of the city center that has turned into a pedestrian boulevard. Numerous street vendors occupy the street to satisfy the hungry Bogotanos with delicious treats.

Here you can try the famous Colombian Arepa, a type of cornmeal flatbread. It is mostly served with cheese but it also available with various different accompaniments such as avocado, eggs, meat, vegetables and so on. Another popular snack that you can eat here is Pan de Yuca, a bread made with yuca flour and cheese. If you like something sweet, why don't you try out an Oblea? This is a very thin, round wafer that’s spread with sweet Arequipe (also called Dulce de Leche) to create a delicious dessert-sandwich. A very typical Colombian fruit that you can also find on this tour is the Chontaduro. It is a type of palm fruit, that is almost yam-like in color and texture, and is high in protein, carotene, and vitamin A. They are usually peeled, cut, and served in a bag with salt, lemon, or honey.

Eating these tasty snacks can be as satisfying as having lunch!

Additional price per person: US$ 10