Wuasikamas Café


Meet the brave people of the indigenous Inga community from the South of Colombia and hear about their story while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Over the past years, when the conflict in Colombia was at its peak, the community was lost in planting opium poppy, under the control of the FARC guerillas.

That was until the indigenous people took a brave decision and ripped out the plants in a midnight mission - one by one. The liberation of the land and the people was not an easy process but well worth it bringing the country one step closer to a peaceful future.

Today the community is cultivating delicious, prize-winning café in the luscious mountain range. Their name Wuasikamas is translated to Guardians of the Earth and that is what their work is really all about. Learn about their captivating history first hand and try their incomparable coffee or a typical agua panela.

Additional price per person: US$ 5